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The ZyLAB IM Platform offers the integrated document, content and records management platform that professionals across a variety of market segments require to capture, investigate, structure and disclose information in an efficient and secure manner. ZyLAB IM Platform utilizes open, secure, long-term XML-based records archiving that provides users with maximum scalability and flexibility.

Benefits include: 

  • Modular architecture and licensing that allows flexibility for clients in terms of the scale and sophistication of the solution. This flexibility is especially useful as clients can control costs by selecting or foregoing specific functions within the IM Platform.
  • Standard comprehensive solutions for several vertical market applications. By selecting a pre-configured application deployment based on best practices, a client's decision making processes are greatly simplified.
  • The ability to expand any specific ZyLAB deployment with a company's own proprietary products for RMA, DMS, Workflow or Discovery.
  • An open XML-based platform that allows for easy integration with many other ERP, BPM, HRM, database, legal or financial systems.

Zylab consists of the following products:

  • ZyLAB Information Management Platform
  • E-mail Archiving Bundle
  • Microsoft SharePoint Bundle
  • eDiscovery EDRM Bundle
  • Analytics Bundle
  • DoD and Sox Compliant RMA Bundle
  • TIFF Archiving and Production Bundle
  • Development and Integrators Bundle
  • WebPublishing Bundle
  • Scanning Bundle/Digital Copier Bundle

Key Features:

Capturing data

  • Support for over 700 file formats
  • Support for nearly 400 languages

These capabilities are enhanced through an extensive array of data capture and input modules, each custom designed for the most- requested customer needs.

Finding & sharing information

  • Push alerting
  • Fuzzy and wildcard searching
  • Full-text retrieval
  • Hit highlighting and hit navigation
  • E-mail searching
  • Compound file searching (compressed and databases)
  • Text analytics and text mining
  • Federation
  • Visualization

These functionalities form the backbone of ZyLAB products for data output (i.e. finding and sharing), which can perform a variety of vital functions from searching, finding, and organizing information to sharing, printing and exporting all required data.

Ensuring adherence to the latest compliance regulations

  • E-mail archiving
  • Structuring, organizing and annotating unstructured data
  • Records management
  • Communications monitoring

ZyLAB's signature product - which is certified as compliant with established governmental standards - expands on these basic information retention and indexing components by offering several specific, detailed technology and productivity products for security, database integration, legal applications and third-party integration.

Supporting project collaboration

  • CD Publishing
  • SharePoint integration
  • Alerting
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Historical archiving

Regardless of the type of collaboration framework found in your organization, one constant is that information must be easily distributable among interested parties. ZyLAB clients can always count on their information being easily downloadable to the most common media as well as Web compatible. In addition, the ZyLAB product suite provides integrated products to help users who require customized collaborative functionality in their workplace.

Supporting technical integrations and ensuring long-term archival integrity

  • XML repository
  • Integrations with hardware, scanners and digital copiers
  • Scaleable architecture
  • SharePoint integration
  • Google, MSN and Yahoo Web Search Engine integration

ZyLAB has made sure that its solutions are compatible and can be integrated with any system on the market. In addition, our robust XML repository means your data is always secure and retains its structural integrity as well as positioning you to avoid expensive upgrades down the road.

The robust ZyLAB Information Management Platform may be configured to the specific needs of corporations, law firms, law enforcement departments, and government agencies through limitless combinations of our companion modules. Several systems have been pre-configured according to the best practices for the business requirements of today. Consult the "Solutions" menu for details.

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