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Assemble vast amounts of structured and unstructured data spanning 700+ formats and stored in disparate sources or databases without requiring new proprietary databases.

Digitize and OCR paper; unite with electronic files, email, wikis and multimedia from servers, local hard disks, and mail servers

  • Integrate with Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL®, SAP®, SharePoint®, and other existing products and databases for RMA, DMS, Workflow, Discovery, ERP, BPM, HRM, legal or financial systems, and Web search
  • XML based archiving retains native file formats and provides maximum scalability and flexibility
  • Dynamic indexed environment refreshes as new content is added Apply

Fast and seamless document conversion and migration into searchable data repositories allowing uniform information management.


Apply robust search, retrieval, and analysis tools to navigate entire populations of collected data and efficiently locate relevant information when you need it.

  • Full text retrieval of information in nearly 400 foreign languages
  • Highest recall with precise filtering tools to achieve optimum search fidelity
  • Keyword, key field, fuzzy, wildcard, Boolean, proximity, Federated and compound file searches
  • Relevance ranking, hit highlighting and navigation, and data visualization tools
  • Text mining and pattern recognition to extract previously unknown concepts and meta data
  • Cull, organize and process data

Unequalled command of electronically stored information (ESI) allowing you to find what you seek and what you didn't know was there.


Provide authorized users with convenient methods for reviewing culled information and preparing it for legal review, production, destruction or audits.

  • Monitor communications and changes via alerts and audit trails
  • Reduce manual burdens on records managers and document custodians
  • Automate review, filing, retention and disposition
  • Apply annotations, redactions and Bates stamps to selected materials
  • Publish DVDs and CDs with relevant documents and tools for later analysis
  • Produce files for use in litigation products like EDRMXML, Concordance®, iCONECT®, CaseMap®, and Summation CAPTURE

Efficient information management to support goals for compliance, cost savings, productivity, and knowledge management.

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