Zylab Overview

Gain the agility to navigate your world of information

ZyLAB’s industry-leading, modular information access, e-Discovery, records management and enterprise information management technology puts you in command of boundless enterprise data in order to mitigate risk, reduce costs, investigate issues, and elicit business intelligence.

Zylab award-winning flagship product, ZyLAB Information Management Platform, provides clients with an affordable and scalable framework, from which users can quickly capture, search, retrieve and assess information stored in disparate formats and locations.

A Flexible, Extendible, & Scalable Environment

The XML foundation of the ZyLAB Information Management Platform eliminates the need for expensive upgrades in the future and enables the platform to scale so as to meet any business requirement, such as: small, standalone enterprise search installations, project-based SaaS (hosted) options,etc.

  • Enterprise-wide deployments for Fortune 500 corporations and federal, state and local governments, or
  • Demanding and comprehensive data management challenges of large e-Discovery investigations.
  • The non-proprietary nature of ZyLAB and the myriad options for 3rd-party integrations yield maximum flexibility, remove the need for reprogramming and additional consulting, and enable installations to be completed within a matter of days. Plus, the interface is designed for quick adaptation to multiple languages.

Key Advantages

The fastest and most complete search engine in the market

  • Works with all existing storage media and devices
  • Supports terabytes of data without volume charges
  • Unmatched support of scanned documents, ZIPs, BMPs, e-mail attachments, and multimedia
  • Non-proprietary, adaptable and extensible XML architecture
  • Integrates with 3rd-party databases
  • Enterprise licensing and SaaS options
  • Modular, scalable implementations

Solutions enabled by ZyLAB Technology

Vector continual search to bring state-of-the-art technology to the every day use, leads to the integration of ZyLAB technology in Vector’s Asset Management Maritime system, (VMS). Vector invested in a multiyear reselling partnership with ZyLAB, but also invested in ZyLAB Applications Programming Interface, which made possible to utilise ZyLAB technology in Vector’s own products.

The following applications are currently available as optional addons on Vector’s standard platform:

  • Advance Invoice Matching and Posting
  • Advanced Cashier Management
  • New Buildings Plan Approval
  • Equipment Particulars and Spare part books
  • Advanced messages and document archiving for the office and the vessel
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