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The foundation to execute your business strategy

Better by integration and unification

buckyballA strong framework is necessary to survive, compete and grow in today’s globalized marketplace. The Vector Maritime Suite supports all the essential functions of your business processes and operations efficiently, as an integrated platform tailored to the specific needs of the marine industry. VMS provides the necessary infrastructure that facilitates to the efficient operation of an entire shipping company and combines a comprehensive set of unique features with simplicity in use. Vector utilizes state of the art technology to simplify the ship and fleet management, making the operations smoother, the staff more efficient and the running of the entire business more organized, safe and profitable.


Vector Marine Suite is a combination of:

  • Enterprise Resource Management platform
  • Asset Management platform
  • Unified Message & Document platform
  • Collaboration platform
  • Business Intelligence and Scorecard Management platformVector

Marine Suite is built by people with long, hands-on experiencein the marine industry, intending to satisfy mission critical operations handled by today’s marine professionals.

Better by delivering targeted information

main vmsToday’s software applications are mostly menu-driven. They rely upon the user knowing where to go and what to do.
• VMS “brings” tasks to the user through the e-mail system

There is an inherent conflict between offering sophisticated features that officers and management expect, while producing software that all users can quickly understand.
• VMS parametrize able system allows the company to choose the degree of sophistication needed!

Since 80% of users only use about 20% of the features offered in today’s packages, the simpler the interface the greater the uptake, and the higher the efficiency.
• Small sub-modules - very targeted information is brought to the user at any time

Applications onboard operate in a very harsh environment, where database replication problems often complicate the use of software on board and usually cause database corruptions and a lot of manual work.
• VMS shipboard application is remote install able, maintainable and
replication-independent as it does it automatically.

Better by design

Vector Marine Suite is Unique in its use of a step by step approach, that defines, tracks and archives all daily tasks. It collects corporate knowledge in the system, while every user manages daily routine simple tasks. This information is then processed and rendered available through management information dashboards to support fact driven decision making.

The technical philosophy of the Vector Marine Suite system is a combination of the following concepts:

  • Work Flow providing tasks managed from the e-mail and/or alerts and notifications (office, shipboard & in between)
  • Easy intuitive purpose-built and remote maintainable shipboard system
  • Minimum, fully automated data transfer between office and ship
  • Strong relational repositories of vessels, equipment, spares, jobs, documentation, personnel and contacts
  • Close the gap between structured (database) and unstructured (messages/documents) data
  • Integrate specialised tools (document management, digital pen and paper and business intelligence) in the VMS platform to deliver cutting-edge performance

Vector Marine Suite implementation philosophy is a combination of the following concepts:

  • Modular approach that fits to all budgets, including yours.
  • Customize & implement until expectations are met.
  • One configurable version.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Operational cost optimization through online budget control on all financial activities.
  • Room for less errors through system-defined controls and authorizations.
  • Improvement of procedures through detailed documentation of all processes.
  • Reduction of duplication of work.
  • Reduction of time lost in low level operations, such as searching.
  • Reduction of inventory-related costs.
  • Decrease of maintenance costs and off-hire time.
  • Better financial follow up: less outstanding, better cash management
  • Improved financial results through closer follow-up between Charter and actual Voyage costs.
  • Increase of competitiveness fully meeting ISO 9000, ISM, ISO14000.
  • Growth through controlled and audit able procedures.
  • Remote update and re-installation on ships lowers IT expenses (less travel expenses & visits for IT personnel on board) and enables regular updates of the application and uninterrupted service.
  • “Simple” shipboard interface minimizes the need for onboard training, significantly lowering the annual cost of operation of the software.
  • Even a small initial installation brings direct benefits through correct follow-up & documentation of procedures.

VMS office Platform

...what makes it unique?

The Database

One Unified database capable of integrating both structured and unstructured data.

The Workflow

Procedures modeling with database parameters control allows for all business processes to be represented and controlled.

The Task Delivery

Case Management implemented on top of workflow procedures and integrated with message management, allows task delivery to the users via e-mail. Tasks are then managed easily and the workflow chain never breaks.

The Budget

Online budget control integrated with all purchasing activities, allows for on-line continuous daily monitoring of the company’s financial performance on an annually and monthly basis.

The Integration

All shipping activities are covered with specialized and interlinked modules. Moreover it supports detailed connectivity with other financial systems (Epicor, Navision, SAP R3, Oracle Financials).

The Reporting

Apart from user reports, the integrated Business Intelligence platform allows for specialize dashboards cross referencing information & providing continually updated Key Performance Indicators.

The Persistency

VMS is built on purpose-selected technology and includes application servers and services that allows 24/7 non-stop operation.

The Dashboards

VMS integrates purpose built platforms that provide for the extraction and transformation of the transactual data so that users can have the excelled visualization capabilities, allowing drill down to detail.

The Diagnostics

VMS servers have the needed infrastructure to examine row and manipulated data so that to find the anomalies that have to be reported and notify the appropriate users

The Performance Optimization

VMS subsystems have been created to provide for automatic evaluation of current conditions vs available options and suggest possible fuel saving alternatives

VMS shipboard Platform

...what makes it unique?

The Database

Small-footprint, embedded database, to keep information lean but efficient and eliminate unnecessary overheads onboard.

The Synchronizer

Advanced synchronizer mechanism allows for unattended operation with a very high level of reliability, while keeping synchronisation data to the minimum (record level update).

The Automation

Eliminates manual import and export and ensures that the system never becomes invalid. At worst, a failure may cause a minor traffic overhead, but no service disruption.

The Front End

Simple and purpose-built front end design, ensures that everyone on board can use it even with no training.

The Workflow

Allows for all required ranks to participate in the system, preparing forms, which can be submitted to the Master for approval and sending to the office.

The Integration

All shipping activities are covered with specialized and interlinked modules.

The Persistency

System operation while online if broadband exists and while offline through synchronisation via e-mail.

The  Interfaces

Data Acquisition capable to be connected with multiple devices using purpose built interfaces, supporting standard and custom protocols.

The  Security

Marine grade Firewalls embedded in the Platform, securing that Vessel to Hub to customer’s office infrastructure offering data transfer is handled with max protection.

The  Mail and Document Integration

Embedded mail and Document management utilizing special data transfer platforms ensuring the max possible data transfer speed over low latency connections. Bite level file synchronization engine.

The  Dashboards

Purpose built interactive Bridge, Engine & Cargo Control Dashboards for the display and handling of Events, Performance and Office Orders and Alerts.

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