Quality Manager®

Key Benefits

• Replaces paper records with an easy search and retrieve electronic system.
• Facilitates an excellent mechanism to evaluate company performance through Key Performance Indicators.
• Provides a comprehensive framework for monitoring, storing and accessing all ISM-related tasks and data, simplifying required record keeping
• Workflow and case management facility allowing document revision, auditing, non-conformities, investigation, corrective actions and verifications to be accurately directed to the proper users with tasks created in the Vector Task Manager or directly in Microsoft Outlook.
• Management can be alerted on procedural delays, monitoring the whole cycle without extra effort
• Provides full documentation at all levels within of the organization
• Makes the same information available to both office and shipboard personnel while eliminating the need for duplicate data entry
• Actively links the ISM system to other operational systems (purchasing, maintenance, voyage follow up etc.) of the company
• Promotes more efficient management of a single vessel or an entire fleet

Secure operations


ismVector Quality Manager is specifically developed for the shipping industry to fulfil the requirements of the ISO, ISM, ISPS Code. It simplifies the storage, updating and tracking of all controlled documentation.

Moreover, it enables monitoring of events, non conformities, incidents, accidents and risk assessments and provides full audit trail of the corrective actions and safety meetings minutes, while it providing complete statistical analysis.

Features & Modules


  • Integrates Office and Shipboard systems
  • Supports creation, update and approval of controlled documents and their automatic distribution to ships
  • Fully implements your Safety Management System from ship reporting through to back office analysis. Includes the Vector Workflow Engine that allows efficient handling of non-conformities, monitoring from initial logging, to corrective actions and verifications
  • Records incident and accident occurrences together with cause analysis and risk assessment analysis.
  • Complemented by additional modules for Audit handling, Drills, Training and Checklists for every day operations.

Document Control

Designed to handle creation, editing and approval version control of ISM documentation to be created based on a company-defined structure per vessel.

Approval is based on a company-defined workflow, which allows documents to be distributed through the Vector Task Manager to the responsible persons.

The system supports creation of electronic forms, of the following types:

  • Simple e-pdf forms.- A type used where the contents of the form are computer typed and constitute evidences of procedure or checklist, but have no value for other statistical manipulation.
  • Digital pen and paper forms.- A type used where the contents of the form are expected to be handwritten. Intelligent word based recognition can be used to load data to specific database fields, while there are functions enabling actions to be performed based on content or check box status.
  • Parameter Forms.- A type used when the contents of a form are custom parameters which are typed in and have value in statistical analysis. These forms are associated with Excel based templates.
  • System Forms .- Full scale applications fully integrated with the database, should be used as part of workflows with data contribution to MIS.

Non Conformities Monitoring:

Manages and monitors non-conformities, observations and other company defined forms, from registration and cause analysis through to corrective action and verification cycles. Based on company defined workflow templates, the process of investigation, corrective action and verification is automated, pushing the relevant actions to through the Vector Task Manager.

Incidents and Accidents

Monitoring of Incident and Accident reporting over & above OCIMF requirements. Workflow based, integrated with Non Conformity Management and Risk Assessment allows comprehensive monitoring. Detailed causes analysis allows for statistics and supports strategic decisions.


A specialized module that monitors of different types of ISM auditing (internal and external), for a vessel or department, for vetting, for class surveys etc.

Based on workflow templates and audit type, information is distributed to the agenda of users among various departments. Each audit has a default period with time window and alarm date, which initiates display in the
user’s agenda.

Gantt representation enables for visual display of audit plans and allows audit rescheduling as well as direct reporting


Defines and monitors drills per vessel and department. Reminders are generated for future drills. On each drill, subject and all Seamen and Personnel participation performance is recorded, while each drill is included in the
records of each individual seafarer.

Minutes of Safety Meetings

Handles regularly held meetings keeping track of issues and comments on open non-conformities, as the “minutes” of these meetings.

Safety Management

The system supports monitoring and follow up of cases triggered by incidents, accidents, recording critical data non-conformities and injuries.

Such cases can be initiated in the office or onboard. SIR (Service Improvement request/non conformity) initiated by this mechanism trigger multiple forms registration (non conformities, near misses, observations, etc).

The system provides for complete causes analysis as well as automated reporting of key safety indicators, such as time since last incident, time lost due to incidents, per vessel, captain or for the entire company.


The system allows the full handling of electronic checklist forms that are created per fleet, vessel or event together with the history of all entries.

Company-specific checklists can be created using standard form types or custom forms. Users are reminded should any checklist be delayed. Maintenance related checklists require parts of the Technical Manager to be implemented (PMS).


This system allows InterManager based KPI’s as well as the custom / company specific KPI’s. The results of these metrics are presented through the company Intranet in web pages as Balanced scorecards to the authorized users.

Risk Assessment

This system supports the ability to evaluate the capabilities of the currently implemented system against hazards based on the company defined RISK TABLE, as well as the ability to define new controls and reevaluate risks until acceptable level is achieved. Risk assessments are created in the office and distributed to vessels as well as in vessels updating the central office system. The system supports integration to Incident Monitoring, analysis and experience transfer to other vessels.

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