Purchasing Manager®

Key Benefits

•Integrates the ships in the purchasing activity.
• Minimizes duplication of work.
• Control Costs through on line budget allocation.
• Integrated Invoice matching mechanism that allows automatic triggering or investigation cycles and stages.
• Reduces processing costs
• Streamlines the purchasing process, providing full audit ability and control.
• Reduces high inventory and forwarding costs, through efficient material planning.
• Informs decision makers of current purchasing status, stock and budget. Indicates the location of all stock parts held across the fleet. Enables transferring of parts between warehouses and vessels, while maintaining inventory and history of all parts at all sites
• Keeps decision makers informed on every aspect of the purchasing process (including budget and technical issues) through standard reports and/or alerts (management by exception)
• Automatic re-order of critical items.
• Optimizes inventory levels
• Effective just-in-time deliveries.

Just in Time Delivery


purchasingVector Purchasing Manager is designed to support the purchasing daily activities and management control of both vessels and offices for the provision of spare parts, supplies, services, lubricants and bunkers.

The system is modular, thereby matching allowing a variety of budgets enabling the step by step build-up, of a complete and comprehensive system.

It covers the entire cycle based on the company’s own workflow rules from requisition to evaluation, inquiry, quotation input, efficient handling of alternatives (including web quotation), comparison, ordering, delivery, invoice registration (including web invoicing) and invoice checking. The system has automatic on line budget control as well as fleet-wise on line budget visualization.

Features & Modules


The system handles the following activities with distinctive and customizable workflows:

  • Spares
  • Supplies (stores, provisions, lubes, bunkers),
  • Services (general services and component repairs)
  • Stationary (office supplies)
  • Repairs & dry docking.

The above activities are handled, based on company defined work flows, integrated with the shipboard system.

The following specialized stages can be used:

  • Requisition (office/shipboard),
  • Evaluation,
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ) (for supplies including contracted prices/port)
  • Quotation Input (manual/web input)
  • Quotation Comparison
  • Ordering (including direct ordering)
  • Delivery (office/stores/onboard)
  • Invoice reconciliation

The office and ship are integrated together in a seamless workflow, enabling full synchronization of up-to-date requisition status, delivery notification and late delivery alarms. Thus, the system also automatically updates data libraries (spares, supplies, etc).

Linking of messages and documents with purchasing cases. The system creates data snapshots for every stage of the workflow, allowing full audit trailing.

Workflow Stages

Requisition stage from office or shipboard, with full management information reporting for each required item:

  • Historical previous prices and drill down to cases
  • Pending orders
  • ROB’s and stock
  • Inter-fleet transactions
  • Transactions from shore store.

stage with full management information reporting for each required item (as in requisition) but with additional ability to reserve budget.

A stage usually targeted to Technical or Operations personnel with budget authority levels, to screen initially the requisitions before inquiry.

stage with full access to company approved business associates.

  • Ability to construct vendor specific lists
  • Ability to directly send e-mails
  • Ability to include terms and conditions
  • Ability to record special instructions
  • Optional ability to export and send structured Excels files & optionally posting to Web portal.
  • MTML compatibility.

input stage to record offers.

  • Supports alternative items
  • Supports automated imports from system produced excels and MTML compliant feedback.

stage offering item-by-item comparison of offers.

  • Supports displaying of original and alternative items
  • Supports automatic selection of lowest bidding supplier
  • Supports order split and automatic creation of multiple orders
  • Support budget and authority levels


  • stage offering support for multiple vendor order processing
  • Supports of terms and conditions
  • Supports budget commit procedure with multiple authority and budget control levels.


  • stage offering office - shipboard initiated delivery.
  • Supports automated shipboard delivery notes update.
  • Integration with invoice matching control
  • Delivery check with multiple parameters control

Invoice Clearing

  • stage automatically created when invoice posting, good for payment conditions are not met.
  • Supports examination of invoice scanned data & linking of documentation for the justification of differences.

Invoice Matching

  • stage automatically created when invoice posting does not have a valid order number.
  • Support to examine invoice scanned data and link documentation for the justification of differences.


  • Evaluation stage offering the ability to record order-by-order vendor performance. Multiple weighted criteria evaluation, as per client ISO.


  • Supports forwarding consolidation
  • Integrated with operations for port & agent activity planning


  • Shipboard inventory periodic reporting based on automatically created lists based on client grouping.
  • Ability to check and recheck specific items and create investigation cycles.
  • Supports consumption reports from PMS job reports and other reports (e.g. noon reports), depending on company defined rules.

Critical Items

  • Ability to characterized items as Critical and/or Major, to allow for specialised reordering operations.
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