Operations Manager®

Key Benefits

• Fully configurable to enable support of client processes.
• Forward-thinking vessel activity planning allows for coordination among departments.
• Designed to minimize costs by optimizing the port operations.
• Detailed position lists
• Automated position list reports.
• Collaboration between various departmentson the  next scheduled activity
• Details ship reporting for commercial performance
• Manages of Disbursement Accounts
• Invoices matching of all port activities orders.
• Freight collection
• Evidence collection
• Effective Management of rest hours that prevents crew fatigue and avoids problems with Port State Control.
• Electronic office charts & ship MIS

Meet customer expectations


operationThe Vector Operations Manager is a powerful system designed to meet the needs of today’s ship operators, managing all activities regarding, voyage definition, detailed follow-up including chart-based fleet tracking and freight collection.

It may optionally integrate with the Vector Chartering Manager for voyage estimation and charter party details, as well as with other Vector Management System modules.


Features & Modules

Voyage Follow-up & Freight Collection

The Vector Operations Manager is an integrated office and shipboard system. Management data is controlled from the office, while the shipboard system records all events and evidence during the process of a voyage, while at sea and at port, allowing for calculation of freight collection.

This is done using the integrated parameters monitoring subsystem which allows company specific forms to be created (in line with the ISM subsystem) circulated and managed. 

The system initiates alarms based on the deviation from the expected and contracted commercial performance, allowing the Operations Manager to instruct the ship on corrective actions to be taken as soon as possible.

Freight invoices are proposed by the system which can then be manually corrected and submitted to the financial subsystem in an automated way. This process supports (apart from Vector Financials) connectivity to Epicore Financials (SQL Marine) and can be customized for SAP R3 or Oracle Financials as well as other accounting systems.

The shipboard system updates the office database via the use of forms: sea or port performance and the statements of facts. These are automatically submitted to the office system and performance reports & alarms are
issued to authorised users.

The above system can be assisted by automated fleet polling, which allows selected vessel data to be automatically retrieved from the ship’s SATCOM system at specified time intervals.

Monitoring of Disbursement Accounts

The system is capable of creating and monitoring all port expenses and integrating with the accounts for matching and managing the invoices received. 

Fleet Tracking & Electronic Charts 

Positional and performance information (actual, planned and historical) is recorded and rendered for viewing on an electronic chart. A number of electronic charts formats, (both bitmaps and vector) from different hydrographic offices, are supported such as ARCS, NOA, BSB.

This is achieved utilizing Euronav’s OEM software and allows automated “best fit” and zoom capability. However, in the Vector Management System implementation, it is coupled with positional and performance plotting and can be used as a unique management information tool, providing ship managers with a fast gateway to other modules such as crew lists, crew records or requisitions status, etc.

Position List

The system allows for the automated production of forward-thinking position list reports, based on a combination of shipboard update reports (noon reports, arrival reports, port performance and departure reports) and office updated information that is available to the vessel operators. These reports that can be used by various departments in and out of the office, in paper, on-screen or in web form.

Management of Rest Hours

  • Port state control requirement that individual records of seafarers hours of work and rest are maintained, regardless of weather the ship’s flag administration has ratified the ILO Convention. Failure to do that may result to
    difficulties that can include possible ship detention.
  • Full shipboard management and office control or ship’s crew rest hours.
  • Complies with IMO, STCW and ILO rest and work hours limits, including the effective use of the so called “ 2-day derogation rule”.
  • Allows individualized work hours to be maintained, in compliance with the prevailing rules, that allows full auditing.
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