MIS Manager®

Key Benefits

• Visualize your company expenses and income as well as end of the year forecast on a DAILY basis.
• Visualize vessel running costs and compare with previous years and similar ships.
• Visualize on a DAILY basis the performance activity of every department.
• Eliminates manual data processing and data manipulation.
• Measure your performance against standard Key Performance Indicators.
• Measures the effectiveness of you current IT infrastructure in providing the correct information, in the proper format and within a reasonable time fame.

Measure and Improve your business


Shipping organizations today must manage data effectively to ensure that the information they disseminate is of high quality and subject to careful governance. To achieve that, applications delivering Business Intelligence are required. Business Intelligence involves collaboration and provides guidance on actions driven by goals, objectives and plans. These and other activities bring Business Intelligence into the realm of performance management.

Vector MIS Manager has two distinct components:

  • BI, that delivers dashboards and purpose-built reporting to measure departmental & overall performance
  • KPI, that delivers balance scorecards levels of measurement of the company performance across all activities.

Features & Modules

Business Intelligence

Specially developed dashboards for:

  • Budget and financial performance
  • Crew pools, availability and training
  • Causes analysis and ISM statistics
  • Maintenance & equipment reliability.
  • Custom dashboard and interfacing with thirdparty system, are possible.
  • Business Intelligence is based on Qlik View platform.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Supports InterManager Specification of Shipping KPI’s, exceeding TMSA reporting levels.
  • Balanced scorecards are based on Qlik and/or QPR platforms.

The following SPI’s are supported

  • Environmental Performance
  • Health and Safety Management and Performance
  • Human Relations Performance
  • Navigational Performance
  • Operational Performance
  • Security Performance
  • Technical Performance

The following PI’s are supported:

  • Actual drydocking costs
  • Actual drydocking duration
  • Actual unavailability
  • Agreed drydocking costs
  • Agreed drydocking duration
  • Average number of officers employed
  • Emitted mass of CO2, NOx,SOx
  • Last year’s AAE (Additional Authorized Expenses)
  • Last year’s actual running costs and accruals
  • Last year’s running cost budget
  • Number of absconded crew
  • Number of allisions
  • Number of ballast water management violations
  • Number of beneficial officer terminations
  • Number of cadets under training with the ship manager
  • Number of cargo related incidents
  • Number of cases where a crew member is sick for more than 24 hours
  • Number of cases where drugs or alcohol is abused
  • Number of charges of criminal offences
  • Number of collisions
  • Number of conditions of class
  • Number of contained spills of bulk liquid
  • Number of crew not relieved on time
  • Number of damaged or lost cargo units during voyage
  • Number of dismissed crew
  • Number of environmental related deficiencies
  • Number of explosion incidents
  • Number of failures of critical equipment and systems
  • Number of fatalities due to injuries
  • Number of fatalities due to sickness
  • Number of fire incidents
  • Number of groundings
  • Number of health and safety related deficiencies
  • Number of HR related deficiencies
  • Number of logged warnings
  • Number of lost workday cases
  • Number of navigational related deficiencies
  • Number of officer days onboard all vessels under technical management (DOC)
  • Number of officer months onboard
  • Number of officer terminations from whatever cause
  • Number of officer trainee man days
  • Number of officers onboard
  • Number of operational related deficiencies
  • Number of passengers injured
  • Number of passengers transported
  • Number of permanent partial disabilities
  • Number of permanent total disabilities (PTD)
  • Number of PSC deficiencies, inspections, inspections resulting in a detention
  • Number of PSC inspections resulting in zero deficiencies
  • Number of recorded external inspections
  • Number of releases of substances covered by MARPOL, to the environment
  • Number of security related deficiencies
  • Number of severe spills of bulk liquid
  • Number of unavoidable officer terminations
  • Number of vessels under technical management (DOC)
  • Number of violation of rest hours
  • Planned unavailability
  • Total exposure hours
  • Transport work

All the above KPI’s are defined and can be collected by the system through automated procedures. However bridges to other systems as well as manual completion can be configured.

Support curtom based KPI’s

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