Manning Manager®

Key Benefits

• Full seafarers profile
• Job applications handling
• Multiple seafarers status pools.
• Automated status progress based on system libraries.
• Certificate control.
• Paperless certificate management
• Handling of medical records
• Safe manning rules definition with rank overlapping
• Rank / experience matrix definition
• Charterers matrix definition
• Rank/vessel type/flag mandatory certificate and endorsement matrix definition. Overlapping of certificates.
• Manages your seafarers career evolution.
• OCIMF-charterers compliance matrix & checklist items.
• Checklists definition for all required embarkation requirement & documentation.
• Tracking of rest hours
• Full embarkation history
• Crew Planning with multiple selection criteria and audit trailing.
• Replacement & rotation.
• Promotion
• Appraisals with multiple schemas
• Training records for all office and shipboard training courses
• Optional Worfklow support
• Full integration with Payroll and MGA.
• Manage your Office personnel evolution
• Manage you office particulars, certificate

Develop trustworthy, devoted and certified teams


manningVector Manning Manager covers all aspects of manning activities for office and seagoing personnel. It enables selection, planning and career development to detailed transactions, training, drills and payroll for both office and vessel personnel.

Vector Crewing Manager is highly flexible seagoing personnel management system designed to address the needs of modern crewing departments and manning agents. It is integrated with Payroll, PMS, ISM and operations modules.

Vector HR Manager is a personnel management system designed to be the foundation of the office payroll system and can be evolved to the complexity required by our client.

Features & Modules

Crew Management

The system is designed to cover all aspects of the management of seagoing personnel in a maritime company. It includes staff selection, crew planning, and career development, offering comprehensive appraisal and performance modules as well as training records book keeping for all internal and external training needs.

The workflow approach of the Vector Management Suite allows for efficient and auditable follow-up of crewing operations through procedures that bridge the geographic distance among involved parties (head office, manning
office, external manning agent, ships).

The workflows are available and can be customized:

  • New Application Approval
  • Sign-on, Sign- off
  • Employment Assignment
  • Training Needs, Training Schools, Appraisals & Performance
  • Onboard Drills & Training

Workflow stages allow strict control based on a predefined compliance matrix of requirements.

  • Check availability
  • Check company manning definition and safe manning levels
  • Check pools of seafarers
  • Check black list
  • Check vessel type/flag/rank certificates
  • Check appraisals average
  • Check service in similar position
  • Check rank training
  • Check experience in rank and vessel type in combination with other ranks.
  • Check charterers preferences.

Integration with Shipboard allows for automated processes

  • Sign on, Intention, sign off, request to sign off (resignation).

Compliance & Libraries

  • Complete SMS & STCW coverage assisting the company to plan ahead and budget the career evolution of their seagoing personnel.
  • Associates the ranks with the Certificates and Training
  • Optional and mandatory certificates can be defined

Crew Particulars

  • Detailed record keeping of on board personnel and passengers, personal and family data, photos, documents, as well as ship transactions within the company and outside the company.
  • Per certificate document handling. Advance automated compliance checklists.

Crew Planner, Replacement, Rotation

  • Planning of crew vacancies and nomination of possible seafarers through Gantt Chart interface.
  • Tracking of the short-listed seafarers “comparison criteria” status on the decision date, for auditing purposes.

Crew Transaction Wizard

  • Controlling of transactions through company - defined rules and error handling levels including OCIMF and charterers matrix.
  • Transaction preparation with special commit procedure
  • Automated shipboard transactions, with or without visual checking


  • Automatic checklists of all certification requirements as well as all company ISO requirement & voyage specific documentation.

Crew Appraisals

  • Company-defined performance appraisal system that includes collective weighted information from interviews and initial checklists
  • Seagoing performance with multiple rankdependant marking schema

Training Book Records

  • Continuous monitoring of seafarers office and shipboard training.
  • Costs of training courses are recorded, for budgeting purposes. Full integration with Payroll module.

Scanning Crew Documents

  • Full management of certificates and other seaman’s documents scanning. Linking of scanned documents generally on seaman’s record or per certificate'
  • Mandatory or Optional requirement definition of certificate for embarkation.

Human Resource Management

Personnel Particulars

  • Captures comprehensive personal informationm of each employee into a single repository that is kept current with real time updates.
  • Maintain HR data to ensure constant availability and accuracy. This minimizes inconvenience, overlapping information and possible human errors.


  • Allows recording of all certificates
  • Can be configured to link certificates to positions with mandatory and optional certificates.

Leave Management

  • Depending on defined groups and service length, the module is able to demarcate various leave entitlements among different employees.
  • Ability to process leave application.
  • Keeps track of leave days
  • Establishes leave to working days rations.

Time Management

  • Ability to track time management through integration with Card Access devices
  • Ability to track time through issue tracking integration.

Contract Management

  • Supports scanning contracts
  • Supports contract generation and digital signatures.
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