Knowledge Manager®

Key Benefits

• Unifies e-mails, faxes, telexes, memos, workflow tasks.
• Unifies unstructured information with structured information.
• Provides a central repository.
• Eliminates message duplication.
• Enhances uses collaboration.
• Provides audit trailing on all communications activities.
• Provides powerful searching capabilities.
• Delivers information to mobile devices and synchronizes back read, deleted and marked messages.
• Captures response from mobile devices.
• Allows work from anywhere, anytime.
• Minimizes repercussions of personal and company wide use/misuse of messages.
• Allows free-text search in messages (body and attachments).
• Allows free-text search on all documents including scanned, with hit highlight.
• Enables effortless participation in workflow task stages, which are delivered as e-mails, eliminating searching and training.
• Facilitates fast message reading using intelligent cache enabled viewers and keyboard shortcuts.
• Ensures company wide knowledge of who works on what and when.

Swift, reliable, transparent collaboration, from anywhere


knowledgeKnowledge management refers to the management of unstructured data within the organization. Unstructured data, such as Messages and Documents, accounts for 60-80% of the every day business, depending on the degree of computerisation within an organization, as well as the 100% of the business evidence behind the business figures usually handled by the Enterprise resource management systems (structured Data). Vector Unified Message Management (UMS) and Document Management (DMS), allow uninterrupted integration of the unstructured data with the structured data by linking them together, so that the user can navigate from the e-mails and documents to the relevant applications, and vise versa.

Features & Modules

Unified Message Manager

Currently E-mail management is the most readily used, organizational communication tool. Market analysts point out that e-mail usage shows no signs of slowing down. Along with e-mails, users have also the need to
manage other messaging forms, such as Fax, Telex, SMS, and memos. Together with the importance of communicating via messages, comes the company responsibility to create infrastructure capable of quickly and effectively managing the information and keeping track of where and how each message has been used.

Vector’s Unified Message Manager provides clients with an affordable and scalable framework for the collaborative management of email, fax, telex, SMS, as well as the workflow generated tasks. Workflow generated tasks
are as important as normal e-mails, since they drive the business applications and propagate numbers and facts along to different users who should conduct the specific company processes. Ultimately this linking provides a complete audit trail, so that the organizations can manage issues such as:

  • What kind of risks are involved in terms of the loss of company knowledge?
  • What are the legal and regulatory considerations that need to be accounted for?
  • Are there repercussions of personal or organization-wide use/misuse of e-mail systems?
  • Ensure its accessibility and long-term usability?

With the Vector’s Unified Message Manager a central repository of all messages is created.

On this repository automated services allow for rule based delivery,selective redirection of messages, automatic filing and full text indexing. The user can quickly see, verify “read” status and act, while all participating members (in the distribution list) have updated knowledge of the company-wide status and filing of each message.

Powerful searching on combined meta-data and indexed text, allows for historical viewing.

To account for mobile users, the system has optionally interfaces with:

  • Modern mobile tools and services such as, Blackberry, SMS, push e-mail, to allow alerting and working while mobile and further synchronizes read status, to eliminate duplication of work.
  • Digital pen and paper, so that to keep track of all meetings minutes, as well as paper approval and signature verifications, while away from a computer.

The messaging solution adds group working collaborative functionality to the company’s messaging; settings are allocated and recognized per user within the global structure of the company.

Administrators can specify the user interaction with specific groups and levels and completely customise security levels within the messaging system.

(e.g. it is possible to foresee that all queries of a user include all messages of his hierarchically subordinate personnel).

Messaging - Client Features

  • Corporate mailbox forwards and stores all messages in a central database.
  • Integration of all message-types (E-mail, Fax, Telex, and SMS) makes the program totally intuitive.
  • Advanced, feature rich editor.
  • Multiple viewing of results in viewers capable to display e-mails,faxes,telexes special attachments, while also capable to initialte to activate modules.
  • Optional web interface allows remote access to messages.
  • Multiple selection criteria:
    • Click and view screen browsers for vessels and departments.
    • Search through free text
    • Search through all meta-data with logical operators.

Messaging - Server Features

  • Perpetual storage of data: messages cannot be deleted by users, from the central database, thereby avoiding the loss of valuable company data.
  • Integration with existing Mail-servers minimizes migration costs and effort
  • Low-budget/high stability solution can be offered to clients without existing Mail Servers (Postfix, Send mail)
  • Intuitive administration tool allows the introduction of the company’s structures to the messaging system
  • Persistent clustered services allow for zero downtime due to hardware failures and also enable zero or near zero downtime during upgrades
  • Integration with blackberry allows full synchronisation for read, deleted , for follow-up messages.
  • Full text indexing of all e-mail and attachments allows for full text search

Filing & taxonomy

Enhanced filing options allowing direct interfacing with all Vector Management Suite Workflows

  • Categories (custom tree structures)
  • Distribution users
  • Responsible users
  • Vessel
  • Cases (including stages) of procedures
  • Associates (including contacts)
  • Equipment
  • Keywords (General and user)

Document Manager

  • Vector’s Document Manager is based on Zylab Information Access Platform.
  • Integration with Windows Directories and active directory security allows for scanning and e-discovery.
  • Scanning and OCR work flows for specialized invoice processing and matching.

Business Associates

Detailed repository of all Business Associates and contacts which allows filing to deferent categories and types as well as linking to Accounting vendors.

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