VMS Telemetry Platform

A unique Platform collecting data from different sources for Bridge, Cargo Contol, Engice Control and Engine room, unifying parameters  among all vessels in a fleet and creating a powerful data set of diagnostics, performance analysis, optimization and control.

VMS Telemetry Platform

...what makes it unique?

The Adaptability

Multiple Interfaces and Multiple protocols allow the system to be adapted in any ship acquiring data for existing sources and if necessary complement with new sensors.

The Database

Once common parameters database across all vessels, across all activity (Bridge, CCR, ECR, AMS, and ER) allowing fleet wise data analysis. Multi-Dimensional model allows parameters cross linking. Complementary, external parameters (detailed weather, currents, tides) correlation to vessel position across time.

The Simplicity

Once backbone running across the ship in shared or dedicated LAN. Installable in new panels or within existing cabinets and consoles

The Synchronization

Online connectivity allows vsl control from anywhere and from any device including mobile phones. Per parameter define sampling rates and variable synchronization rates allowing for optimum fully customizable data transfers. Remotely controlled sampling and synch rates.

The Documentation

Detail pre and post installation plans with barcode trackable equipment labels. All installation tasks, service reports, invoices, plans available via web pages from within the application.

The Usability

Multiple user interfaces, Graphs, table, mimics, to allow user to select his optimum viewing method (for the task). Multiple Parameters per graph, on the same time line or selectable parameters for custom graphs. Multiple filters for time and data isolation. System, customer specific and user specific dashboards.

The Analytics

Multiple Analytics engines with System or Customer specific Performance analysis dashboards. Support for R language based machine learning and predictive analytics

The Diagnostics

Fully blown script language allowing the definition of system and customer specific alarms on row and processed combined parameters. Extensive notification mechanism for fro Alarms including frequency based summary of alarms allowing management by exceptions.

The Integration

Integration with VMS shipboard allows for combined display for information from VMS shipboard forms applications to the Data Acquisition system and vice versa.


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