VMS Shipboard Platform

VMS shipboard Platform

...what makes it unique?

The Database

Small-footprint, embedded database, to keep information lean but efficient and eliminate unnecessary overheads onboard.

The Synchronizer

Advanced synchronizer mechanism allows for unattended operation with a very high level of reliability, while keeping synchronisation data to the minimum (record level update).

The Automation

Eliminates manual import and export and ensures that the system never becomes invalid. At worst, a failure may cause a minor traffic overhead, but no service disruption.

The Front End

Simple and purpose-built front end design, ensures that everyone on board can use it even with no training.

The Workflow

Allows for all required ranks to participate in the system, preparing forms, which can be submitted to the Master for approval and sending to the office.

The Integration

All shipping activities are covered with specialized and interlinked modules.

The Persistency

System operation while online if broadband exists and while offline through synchronisation via e-mail.

The Interfaces

The Security

The Mail & Document control


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