Vision & Mission


Αlthough today’s industry is flooded with Information Technology vendors and miracle-promising solutions, the results from the usage of such technology are usually poor, expensive and far from serving top management decision-making support.

Vector’s founders, a group of engineers and senior business executives with years of experience in the Maritime and Manufacturing Industry, share a vision to develop a new uniform system which would serve Management without the need for numerous non-integrated tools and spreadsheets.

Being familiar with the fundamental needs of the market, Vector thoroughly designed and developed a Maritime Management System in cooperation with leading maritime companies in Greece, thus ensuring an everlasting evolution of Vector’s vision.

As a result, Vector offers today the third generation of Vector Marine Suite, a platform that consists of highly adaptable office and shipboard subsystems which, alone or integrated with Vector’s partners specialized solutions, can be used to meet comprehensively the needs of modern management, allowing the transition to a more cost effective operation with high quality standards, while capable of matching even the strictest budgets.

For Vector Human Resources constitute the core of its successful course. Vector’s primary aim is the continual reinforcement and constant improvement of the technological know-how of its people, in order to provide a more reliable and sufficient solution, in every stage of the project.

Vector is committed to adopt every possible technical innovation in order to create products of superior quality, therefore increasing management control and allowing a safer and more efficient operation.


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