Implementing the right Technology, in order to work smarter than harder

Vector Management's major goals are:

  • To articulate a crisp Statement of Direction for the Vector products,
  • Constantly search and evaluate third part products that can be embedded to provide cutting edge solutions,
  • To engage in a constant dialog with the user community to define the features which are needed, t to remain focused on the targets that make the most impact on our customer's business.

Statement of Direction

Vector’s mission is to create and promote Information Technology solutions targeted to improve the operational efficiency and decision making of our customers.

1. Vector will continue to:

  • Build highly integrated, modular subsystems
  • Build on its own platform, as a work-flow based system, with task delivery to the users using e-mails capable of directly openinf and completing the required work at each step.
  • Build on its own shipboard platform, to ensure minimum communication costs and minimum seagoing personnel effort

2. Vector will continue to build on its partnerships, to provide cutting-edge technology embedded in its products, for high-end customers:

  • Vector, as a certified partner with Zylab, will provide advanced paper and document management as a standalone product or as part of Vector Maritime Suite (Document Management, Invoice Management, Cashier Management).
  • Vector, as a certified partner with Qlik, will provide Business Intelligence in heterogeneous environments as a standalone product or as part of Vector’s Management Information System.
  • Vector, as a certified partner with XMS Penvision for Anoto technology, will provide stand-alone digital pen and paper solutions, or as part of Vector’s Maritime suite (message management, ISO, Crewing, Technical, Operations).

3. In the development area:

  • Vector is committed to develop in Java, where the whole shipboard  and message management system is built and where gradually its Centrua-based office sub-system will be migrated.
  • Vector is committed to provide solution based on Oracle RDBMS.
  • Vector will continue to develop using JIRA as an issue -tracking system for all development and support issues.
  • Vector will continue to built its competence center for all elearning and testing needs.

4. Vector will continue to abide with its policy, to train its staff on the technology used, aiming at providing certified subsystems.

5. Vector will continue to use and promote virtual infrastructure based on Enterprise VMware products, and use both Microsoft Windows and UNIX operating systems as dictated by the nature of service/customer.


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