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Vector continual search to bring state of the art technology to the every day use, lead to the integration of QlikView technology in Vector’s Asset Management Maritime system, (VMS) as the core Management Information System. Vector not only invested in a multi-year partnership with QlikView, which made possible to utilise QlikView technology within Vector’s own products.

Today Vector moves on, adding full support to Tablaeu and Tablaeu based predictive analytics, migrating some of the Dasboards to Tablaeu and though harvesting superior Visualisation.

The following applications are currently available as optional add-ons on Vector’s standard platform:

  • Fleet performance dashboard
  •  Financial MIS
  •  Crew MIS
  •  Purchasing MIS
  •  ISM MIS
  •  Ship Perfomance and Energy Monitoring

In  addition, using additional products QPR, Vector offers a complete Shipping Key Performance application. This reporting system reads 60 Performance Indicators directly from the VMS and produces 32 Key Performance Indicators and 7 Ship Key Performance Indicators as per InterManager specification. Moreover,  the extensive know-how collected allows  Vector to deliver Business Intelligence Solutions over heterogeneous information technology environments for both maritime and non maritime customers.

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