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Vector was originally founded in 1997 by a team of engineers with 15 years of experience in the Maritime industry. Throughout the years it has developed an advanced  Asset Management and Resource Planning  system, focusing mainly on the shipping industry and has participated in numerous public sector and EU projects thus specializing in custom made multidimensional information management and business intelligence & control solutions.

Today, due to its strong relations with large shipping companies, Vector continues the development and evolution of its comprehensive suite of unified products, expanding its business to e-learning, crew competence,  bridge and engine simulators.

In addition to  its pure shipping product line, Vector has partnered with key technology providers embedding their products to its core solution and providing additional standalone services, that can reach all other sectors.

  • In 2007 Vector signed a partnership agreement with Zylab AB a leading information access solution provider specialized in paper and electronic document management.
  • In 2009 Vector signed a partnership agreement with Qlik a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions
  • In 2009 Vector signed partnership with XMS Penvision a leading provider for digital pen and paper solutions based on Anoto technology.


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