The Digital Pen


Data capture technology - your first digital step

The digital pen makes it easy to transform handwritten notes and drawings into a digital format. This solution is ideal for any business or organisation where staff take notes, complete forms or creates drawings. 

Significant time and efficiency savings have gained as a result of using digital Pen and Paper solutions. Forms can be tailored to meet your requirements and once information is capture it can be easily integrated into back-office systems.


Accurate and accountable

With the capability on storing forms within our software platform, users are given access rights to search and retrieve information they require for other processing tasks. This routing can be configured for images as well as automatically pushing data to other file storage areas or applications using web services or an API. 

The digital Pen and Paper solution has been proven to achieve between 95% and 100% accuracy when used for user's hand writing validation purposes. After the capture of data, cleansing ensures that accurate data is sent to back-office applications.


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