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Digital Transformation is commonly among the top three initiatives of CxOs in any industry.

Their priority is to utilize modern digital technologies to implement a profound and accelerating transformation of business processes.

Namirial provides Software, Services and Solutions to help its customers go fully digital, guiding them in their Digital Transformation journey.


Transforming manual and paper based processes into frictionless and adaptable digital processes.

Namirial is a Trust Service Provider, focused on addressing the fast growing market of Digital Transaction Management (DTM), which includes legally compliant electronic signatures, managing and tracking documents flows, conducting secure transactions and ensuring secure storage of data.

Namirial is uniquely positioned as a leading provider in the Trust Service market thanks to the breadth and depth of its products and services portfolio, architected around a single, holistic platform that can seamlessly support all uses cases, types of signature and user experiences and can be deployed according to customer need.

Digital Transaction Management

Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is a fast growing market which includes legally compliant electronic signatures, managing and tracking the flow of documents, conducting secure transactions and ensuring secure storage of data.

Namirial is uniquely positioned as a leading provider in the DTM market thanks to the breadth and depth of its products and services portfolio, architected around a single, holistic platform that can seamlessly support all uses cases, types of signature and user experiences and can be deployed as desired by the customer (on-premises, in cloud or hybrid).

Namirial eSignAnyWhere (eSAW) DTM platform is the only platform in the market able to support all types of e-signatures. In addition to electronic signatures affixed with a Click-to-sign, Draw-to-sign and Type-to-sign mechanism, eSAW allows also eIDAS compliant Advanced Electronic Signatures with Handwritten Biometrics, and eIDAS compliant Qualified Electronic Signatures with Remote and Local certificates.

Biometric Authentication

Namirial’s Biometric Authentication platform provides a signature verification that authenticates a signature against a pre-enrolled signature profile database in real time. This allows you to not only secure the execution of certain transactions, but also to provide a ready-to-use audit trail in case of a dispute, thus placing the burden of proof immediately on the signer.

Through integration with Namirial Remote Electronic Signing Trust Platform, a Qualified electronic certificate can be issued during the enrollment phase and a Qualified Electronic Signature can be executed upon signature verification against existing biometric profiles.

Namirial customers are currently handling more than 5 million biometric user profiles using Namirial Biometric platforms.

Handwritten Biometric

Capturing a handwritten signature is the best choice for getting documents signed when meeting clients face-to-face, either on your premises or on the go. In this scenario, you can present the client with the document on your own device (e.g., on a point-of-sale computer or a tablet) and the client can sign using whatever device you provide.

A forensically identifiable signature is much more than merely a digitized image of a handwritten signature. It requires recording the handwritten signature of a person using all available parameters, such as acceleration and speed—i.e. the writing rhythm. These dynamic parameters are unique to every individual and cannot be reproduced by a forger. That’s why the digitized signature is forensically identifiable (and far more reliable than with the signed image alone).

When someone claims, not to have signed a document, a forensic expert can perform a thorough manual signature verification, using specialized software to achieve an admissible result in the same way as the expert would with a signature on paper. Thus, the biometric signature fulfills the eIDAS Advanced Electronic Signature standard and has been widely adopted as the de-facto industry standard wherever it is applicable.

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