Custom Applications

Solutions enabled by combined XMS Penvision, Anoto Technology and Namirial

Vector continual search to bring state of the art technology, to the everyday use, lead to the integration of Anoto technology, using XMS Penvision solutions in Vector's Asset Management Maritime system, VMS. 

Digital Pen and paper applications are generally targeted to speed-up the information capture, in its handwritten format, deliver the information to recipients through email and provide via XML the recognised contents. These contents can be then used via Vector Application Server services, to be loaded in Vector or third party applications for further processing or analysis and reporting via the Business Intelligence products or for verification and approval (using additional signature verification components).

Vector invested in partnership with XMS Penvision, to makes it possible to utilise the underlined Anoto technology within Vector's own products.

The following applications are optional ad-dons on Vector's standard platform:

  • Digital Pen and paper on Unified Message Manager
  • Digital Pen and paper on ISO - ISM Manager
  • Digital Pen and paper on Ship Inspections
  • Digital Pen and paper with Signature verification on Cash Manager
  • Digital Pen and paper for Crew contracts
  • Digital Pen and paper for Training certificates.

Moreover Vector offers standalone Digital Pen and Paper solutions  to Maritime and no Maritime customers which are applicable to a variety of projects like Time sheets, Doctors visits and files, Visit reports, ISO checklists, Contracts and contract signatures, Application forms, Order Forms, etc.

Vector invested in partnership with XYZMO now Namirial, in providing digital signature on Glass surfaces using Tablets and on Biometric Signature verification. This allowed Vector to:

  • Power all shipboard system crew signature using XYZMO and Wacom tablets.
  • Bring closer XYZMO and XMX Penvision, which resulted to a unique use Anoto biometric pens to be integrated with XYZMO superior Biometric Authentication Server, proving high security, that allowed special applications to be created:
    • Top management payment approvals
    • Multiuser Bank check and transfer orders signature.
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